TTI has designed sewerage systems using SewerCAD, Sewage treatment plants and sewer rehabilitation using trenchless technology in many parts of India.

The core capabilities are

  • Feasibility studies commencing with flow calculations, setting design criteria, design of sewerage system, preparation of technical specifications and tender documents.
  • Study and recommendation of appropriate sewage treatment option and providing detailed design for the selected option.
  • Hydraulic modeling of existing sewer network and diagnostic studies for rehabilitation of existing systems.
  • Development of GIS based maps of sewerage systems
  • CCTV inspection and condition assessment of sewers.

Major projects

Replacement and Rehabilitation of existing Sewerage System- KatriguppeValley, Bangalore

TTI studied the existing condition of approximately 12 km of sewer mains of 450mm to 700mm diameter. The studies included detailed topographical survey and geotechnical investigation along the pipeline routes. It also included a detailed techno economic evaluation of pipes of various materials. TTI recommended RCC pipes with high alumina cement lining till 900mm diameter and RCC pipes with PVC lining for mains having more than 900mm diameter. The report recommended the replacement of 9km of sewer mains.
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