TTI has a good track record in the design of water supply projects in India and abroad.

The core Expertise of TTI is in :

  • Design of Water Treatment Plants, Pumping Stations, Water Transmission Mains, Storage Reservoirs and Distribution Network
  • Preparation of Feasibility Studies for urban and rural water supplies
  • Water Audit and Leak Detection
  • Water Metering and Tariff

TTI has capability also in :

  • Water Intake structures
  • Environmental Assessment
  • River Basin Studies
  • Irrigation Works

Major Projects in India

Rehabilitation of Water Treatment Plant, Pumps and Pumping Mains of Chama Raja Sagar Water Works at T.G. Halli, Bangalore

Client: Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board, Karnataka State India.

TTI designed the rehabilitation of the existing 135 MLD Water Treatment plant at T.G.Halli, Bangalore, including the mechanical, electrical and instrumentation components. The project also included replacement of 16 km of 1000mm dia C.I pumping mains with MS mains and upgrading of intermediate water pumping stations on the way to Bangalore from T.G.Halli. Project’s estimated cost was Rs.81 crore.

Bulk Flow Metering and Monitoring system in Bangalore

Client: Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage board, Karnataka State India.

A detailed project report was prepared for bulk flow monitoring system for the entire City of Bangalore in the year 2006. The feasibility including commercial, and financial viability were discussed together with the legal and regulator feasibility and social and political acceptability. Ultrasonic flow meters for non intrusive measurement of flow was proposed. Indicative project cost was Rs. 21 Crore.
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